Diseño Modular is established in the south of Spain, with its own headquarters in Seville, from where we offer our services to the rest of the territory.
You can send us the information by filling out the form on our website, indicating the characteristic of “custom model”. Based on the information provided, the technical team of Diseño Modular will contact you to confirm your specifications and start working on the design.
Yes, although the architectural model is already predefined, it is necessary to technically adjust the project to the particular conditions of each site, as well as to request the building permit for the construction of the same. None of these concepts are included in the price.

Industrialized manufacturing allows to control and foresee all the elements that make up the house. In such a way that there are no solutions to be evaluated or not reflected in the project.

Our experience allows us to optimize during the design phase the manufacturing cost of your house as well as to shorten the execution time, which means a saving in the final cost.

From the beginning of the work, the delivery time will be established after five months.
Diseño Modular has a team of professionals who will guide you, advise you and answer your questions during the design process, responding to all your needs. If you already have a drafted project, we can adapt it to the industrialized system of Diseño Modular..

According to the Organic Law of Building (LOE), the warranty and prescription periods are established in Art. 17 of this legal text:

  • Material damage affecting the foundation, structural: 10 years (warranty period).
  • Defects due to vices or defects of the constructive elements or installations (habitability Art. 3. 1 c) LOE): the warranty period contemplated in the LOE is 3 years, within which the defect must be detected.
  • Finishing defects: 1 year, within which the defect must be detected.
As it is an industrialized process, the assembly elements are developed in the factory, so the control over them is greater. The qualities are much higher in relation to the traditional structural system. This guarantees and offers better quality of materials, finishes and finishes. In short, due to the control of each of the construction elements, greater comfort and quality can be achieved.
No. The search and acquisition of plots available for building is a previous act to be carried out by the client.
Yes, the project is open to modifications while it is still in the project phase, adapting to the needs of our clients and to the suggestions that the client may make.
No. Diseño Modular uses industrialized concrete in its constructions, which allows the house to be manufactured with strict control and high quality standards.
Yes, in such a way that if foreseen during the project phase, the cost of expansion can be minimal.

The architects of the Diseño Modular team will assist you during the project phase as well as in the different procedures and formalities before and after the project. For Diseño Modular the technical-client relationship is the most important thing and from the first contact the personalized and professional treatment is exclusive. The main idea is to value and adapt each and every one of the client’s needs in the project.

Diseño Modular does not work with a certain type of materials, offering the client a wide variety of opportunities in the market. From Diseño Modular we are open to the market at a national level and at the same time we adapt to the requests and tastes of the client. For more information about it we invite you to contact us by calling the phone number you will find in the contact tab.

Yes, however we would need to coordinate with our clients who already live there. In that case, it is perfectly possible.

The easiest way is to contact us either by phone at +34 955.650.476 – +34659.511.434, send us an email to info@dmodular.es or fill out our contact form.
We will contact you as soon as possible.

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