Industrialized concrete housing to your needs

At Diseño Modular, we work on the solution that best suits the needs of your project. We know that each project is an opportunity to work together with our clients, advising them in all phases of the project.

Our clients understand that investing in the architecture and engineering of their future home only brings advantages:

The only limit, the imagination

Fully customizable

We can make your dream home come true. Relying on industrialized processes, and being experts in prefabricated concrete, our concrete construction systems allow us to adapt to any topography and program, enabling all kinds of open spaces, of any height; always taking advantage of the benefits of each of the plots, bringing out its potential and incorporating it into each house.

Diseño Modular, assumes each order with the maximum commitment and dedication, understanding that the satisfaction of our customers is the greatest asset of this company.

Interior and exterior finishes

Warm and friendly designs

In each project, based on the tastes and desires of our clients, we establish the palette of textures, colors and shades that best match. From the minimalist white style (WHITE), to the Mediterranean warmth (SAND), or the avant-garde elegance (BLACK).

Take a look at our qualities and decide the one that best suits you.

Not enough? We have interior designers that from the first moment will help you to define and make your dream house come true.

The union is the strength

Avant-garde and Tradition

There are no better building systems than others, but good and bad ways of application..

Prefabricated construction is experiencing a constant advance and, increasingly, they are occupying their own space within the construction market. However, this type of construction often tends to look too homogeneous and to be uprooted from the place where it is located.

At Diseño Modular, we understand that the fusion of industrialization and tradition is the optimal response to the current construction of houses, taking advantage of the benefits of both worlds and integrating the house perfectly into its environment.

Efficiency and sustainability within your reach

Sustainability and architecture

The first step to achieve sustainable architecture is to study the climate of each plot and, above all, the lifestyle of our clients. No house is sustainable if it is not well oriented, thus preventing its owners from enjoying it to the fullest extent.

In our quality report, we offer all kinds of energy saving systems that can make your house more efficient and sustainable.

If you want to see custom homes, access our projects where you will find a variety of homes that can serve as a start in what will be your home.

If you want to see tailor-made homes, access our projects where you will find a variety of homes that can serve as a start in what will be your home.