Why use prefabricated construction?

The construction of single-family homes has evolved little since ancient times: the use of quarried stone has been gradually replaced by brick.

Prefabrication, or industrialization of house components, consists of producing the elements that make up the house in the factory and installing them on site. This is what we call prefabricated or industrialised construction. This has the following advantages:

Offsite manufacturing

More accurate manufacturing in controlled environments -factories- instead of open spaces -plot-, which ensures a higher quality in the construction.

Manufacturing control

Greater control of the components that make up the house, which enables their traceability, from their design to their installation on site.

Reduction of deadlines

The construction execution time is considerably shortened, avoiding lost days due to adverse weather conditions, rain or extreme heat.

Innovating from industrialization

In our experience as professionals, we have had the opportunity to know and use different prefabrication systems: from wooden houses to modular concrete and/or steel systems. There are no better or worse systems, but rather more efficient or less efficient execution methods.

Most modular systems are limited by transport regulations, because of the dimensions of the modules. At Diseño Modular, we use ultra-strength concrete to create large pieces that are transported and assembled on site with the utmost precision. The assembly process takes no more than 3 days, accelerating the work up to 60% of its execution.

Therefore, after working with them for some time, we have found them to be the best option for the construction of houses with precast concrete walls.

Properties of ultra-resistant concrete

  • Eternal facades. The first concretes date back to Roman times and the buildings and infrastructures they built are still standing.
  • Perfect soundproofing.Due to the weight of the concrete walls, its behavior as a noise insulator is far superior to that of a traditional wall made of bricks or other materials.
  • Thermal insulation. The thermal insulation layers inside ensure exceptional energy efficiency.

Triple guarantee

We are so sure of our systems that we guarantee the house in the three fundamental aspects:

  • Decennial guarantee to the construction system. Our system has been tested by the most demanding national companies in charge of issuing ten-year insurance policies to developers and private clients.
  • Decennial guarantee to the use of exterior carpentry. Not only the structure is guaranteed, but also the exterior carpentry, manufactured in controlled environments, is guaranteed for 10 years of correct operation.
  • 5-year guarantee in roofing elements. The double protection implemented by Diseño Modular in its houses means that the durability of the roofs is much greater than that required by current regulations, which is 3 years, making them last practically a lifetime with proper use.

Constructive System

10 years

Exterior Carpentry

10 years

Roofing Elements

5 years

0 years

5 years

10 years

15 years

20 years

The Construction System

In-situ foundations

We contemplate three types of foundations for our houses:

  • For one-story houses and favorable terrain, we execute longitudinal reinforced concrete trenches on which our walls will rest.
  • When the stresses are greater or the terrain is not favorable, we execute solid slab foundations, which allow a homogeneous support of the entire house.
  • We are currently incorporating raised floors that provide a higher degree of industrialization, cost savings and lower environmental impact.

It is also possible to implement our houses on basements executed on site.

We always recommend our clients to carry out a geotechnical and topographical study to know exactly the conditioning and foundation works necessary to install their future home.

3D Seismic-resistant structural system

The precast concrete walls are arranged in such a way that the structure is braced in both directions of the space.
The development using bim technology allows the structure to be modulated and adapted to the chosen design. There are no limits.

Concrete walls

Vertical structure

We have developed our own prefabrication system that can be summarized in the following steps:

  1. Design. This is the moment in which we design each and every one of the components, to later pass them on to manufacturing
  2. Production. All the components are manufactured, and the auxiliary means and transports are coordinated to proceed with the implementation.
  3. Implementation. Once the date is set, the Diseño Modular assembly team moves to the site to proceed with the implementation of the structure, assembling the house in a few days.

The moment of completion of this phase is a very special moment. Many hours of work have been necessary to reach this point.

Prefabricated lightened slabs

Horizontal structure

The horizontal structure is made up of hollow core slabs, which are sized according to the loads and spans to be covered.
With this system it is feasible to cover spans of up to 10 and 11 meters, which is sufficient for the requirements of our most demanding clients in terms of space amplitude.

The structure is joined to the foundation by means of previously prepared anchors.

The subsequent concreting of the elements ensures the correct transmission of the loads to the ground.