Architectural project in Abla


The Abla model house presents a clear “L” scheme softened by the organic distribution of the rooms, which tend to move to look at the central free area of the house.
Thus all the rooms are in relation to this important space, helping to qualify it.

The Abla model is a minimalist modular architecture of light lines and avant-garde style that combines the warmth of white precast concrete with the high-tech finish of large-format ceramic panels.
Its “L” distribution, formed by two arms rotated ninety degrees, makes almost all the rooms of the house overlook the garden and pool area.

This type of distribution is ideal for maximum energy efficiency, with energy consumption levels close to those of the “passive house”.

At the meeting point between the two arms of the “L” that forms the house, the access area to the interior of the house is located. It is a dynamic area, a passageway that connects with the two large areas of the house but, at the same time, is independent from the rest of the house without invading more static spaces such as the living room.

The concrete house model Abla with all its spaces, including the porches, has a perfect design for medium-sized square plots and with a clear direction towards which to place the views.

Modular housing with large porches and a minimalist design only suitable for lovers of elegant and avant-garde lines.


A house on one floor that has all the comforts and amenities of a large villa.

The plant is divided into day and night areas, although all rooms are oriented towards the porch and the central courtyard to allow free transit between them.

In the day area we find a large open space of living room – dining room – kitchen – porch that overlooks directly to the outside space of the house and makes the whole house part of the design of the outdoor garden. In this same area of the house, occupying a much more secondary position, there is a laundry area.

In the night area, located to the right as you enter from the entrance of the house, three large bedrooms where the master bedroom has an exclusive bathroom and dressing room.

Useful area

Living room27,28m2
Bathroom #25,44m2
Bedroom #28,84m2
Bedroom #38,84m2
Laundry room6,54m2
Bathroom #15,92m2
Bedroom #119,97m2
Walk-in closet5,15m2
Outdoor WC2,40m2
Useful area141,31m2
BUILT AREA156,00m2

(*) Useful area: The surface area of a building that includes the square metres of a dwelling including terraces and buildings, but without counting the thickness of the walls

(**) Built area: The surface area of a building that includes all square metres, even the thickness of the walls

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