Architectural project in Chiclana


The play of volumes of this industrialised Chiclana design house makes it unique and special. An avant-garde style house that has everything you need for your future home or as a holiday home, designed to enjoy the house and your free time.


In front of the main spaces of the house there is a large terrace with a swimming pool. The transition from inside to outside is made by large porches, which serve as semi-enclosed shaded spaces, so necessary in the south of Spain.

The ample spaces and the constant contact with the outside will delight your guests. This idea is also continued in the more private areas of the house; the bedrooms, dressing rooms, bathrooms, etc.

The Chiclana industrialised designer home includes all the necessities for a large family. It is also ideal to be located on the coast. Its distribution includes family leisure areas, finished kitchens and pantries, terraces and a large basement finished like the rest of the house that serves to house vehicles and games rooms giving greater value to the house.

With four bedrooms and an easily habitable basement to house a fifth bedroom it contains everything you are looking for in your future home.

Useful area

Living room40,99m2
Laundry room8,97m2
Master bedroom16,70m2
Master bathroom6,84m2
Walk-in closet5,76m2
Bedroom #112,58m2
Bathroom #15,62m2
Useful area
Bedroom #212,79m2
Bathroom #22,87m2
Bedroom #314,76m2
Bathroom #34,80m2
Walk-in closet4,35m2
Useful area45,33m2
BUILT AREA274,00m2

(*) Useful area: The surface area of a building that includes the square metres of a dwelling including terraces and buildings, but without counting the thickness of the walls

(**) Built area: The surface area of a building that includes all square metres, even the thickness of the walls

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