Architectural project in Seville


The clients were interested in acquiring a customized industrialized house that would adapt to their plot and to the architectal programme necessary to develop their lifestyle.

The plot located in the Aljarafe area of Seville, has a large area but with a fan-shaped geometry, which complicated the fit of the housing programme. It also had a generous facade, but with a considerable narrowing in the rear of the house.

From the first sketches we took into account the limits of the plot, as well as the needs of the property to achieve the objective sought by our clients.


The proposal develops the program of a complete house on the ground floor where the main rooms, the living room and bedrooms, are arranged around the backyard, where the pool and the porch are the main protagonists.

Towards the front, the house adapts to the facade by recessing the secondary rooms, which generate a play of volumes of light, shadows and textures that enhance the sculptural character of the house.

Externally, the tension and accuracy of the white concrete prefabricated walls alternate with the warmth of the square stone cut in national quarry.

Useful Area

Living room33,7m2
Bathroom #24.72m2
Bedroom #29,39m2
Bedroom #310,39m2
Bedroom #412,3m2
Bath #16,67m2
Bedroom #117,33m2
Walk-in closet #15,16m2
Walk-in closet #23,93m2
Useful area147,76m2
BUILT AREA163,00m2

(*) Useful area: The surface area of a building that includes the square metres of a dwelling including terraces and buildings, but without counting the thickness of the walls

(**) Built area: The surface area of a building that includes all square metres, even the thickness of the walls

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