Maybe you have been thinking about buying your first home for some time, or maybe you already own one and you are thinking of moving to another one that better fits your current and future needs, or maybe you are thinking of extending your rest in a special place for you as a second home.

In any of these cases and many others like them, you have been browsing the residential market of homes available for sale for some time, and you can’t find the house that best suits you. Sometimes because the real estate market lacks a varied offer, and almost always because to reform it to your tastes you will have to get into works, with all the process and hustle and bustle that this entails.

If you feel identified with any of the above cases, the market gives you the possibility of becoming a self-promoter and build your own house to your tastes and needs.

As you well know, it is a path that you have to walk, and it will require your active participation and therefore your time.

Go to a professional

Traditionally, when someone wants to build their own house, they go to a professional in the sector to get their bearings: how much per m2, how much the permits cost and how long it takes, how much the “project” costs, which company is working in the area, etc?

Usually the technicians, both architects and quantity surveyors, usually present a budget of their fees, usually know the deadlines for granting the license of the nearby municipalities and recommend a construction company with which they are working, since their prestige depends largely on the contractor’s ability to execute the details of the project and achieve the desired quality.

Formalize the budget

With the information gathered, you will have in any case a rough vision of what it would cost, since to know the budget in detail of the work the project must be drafted. In any case, you will not have the budget to know the financing of your future home until after some time and always open to the fact that when the contractor draws up the budget, you will find items that increase the cost of the work and once the work is underway, new modifications may arise, whether required by the project or requested by you.

Reserve a margin of the budget

In this case we recommend you an obvious thing, but given the current times we are forced to reiterate: Whatever your economic capacity, do not exhaust it before starting the work. Reserve between 20 and 30% of margin for these typical “just in case”. It may seem a bit exaggerated, but there are several reasons for this, such as the acquisition of the plot and its condition, bank retentions, not very tight budgets, etc…

All this makes that the available that you had initially thought for your house is reduced and you have to rethink how to continue.

If you want more detailed information about this aspect, check this entry self-promotion: why to reserve a margin of my budget

Don’t be overwhelmed, everything has a solution

As you have just read, the success of your dream home depends on so many factors that, if mismanaged, can ruin the final result, or in the lesser case, lead to situations of demotivation, and even boredom, that make you remember with regret the day you thought of getting into this adventure that has turned into a nightmare.

Don’t worry, it’s not that bad. Nowadays the great majority of professionals work very hard because they want their clients to be satisfied and that these recommend them to possible future clients, the word-of-mouth of all life.

In addition, the construction companies in Spain enjoy good know-how as a general rule and usually have in their study office a technician on staff, or external, that assesses the work and do not incur in reckless bids.


First and foremost, we recommend that you avoid rushing. Often, because of trying to have things before the time they need, important aspects of the project are omitted, or certain works are not done with the desired level and quality.

A work is a complex process and its success depends fundamentally on planning, management and know-how. The rest are adventures that we do not recommend you to embark on at all.

Nowadays there are construction companies that offer you the centralization of all the management of the project with which you reduce the risk.

At Diseño Modular we specialize in turnkey projects. You will probably think that you will pay a little more at the beginning, but you will have managed to avoid the possible unforeseen events.

I assure you that nobody will know your project better than we do, since we have drafted it ourselves with our architects and engineers. And you will be safe from inflation since we order the main components of your house at the time of contracting, avoiding future variations.

We invite you to contact us so that we can help you in the decision making process of your project, and that this path is as comfortable as possible for you.